Rolex Submariner- The Diving Legend

23 Feb


Diving watches are luxury timepiece created especially for the needs of professional divers. The Replica Rolex Submariner wristwatch is a delicate imitation of the genuine Rolex. The Oyster Perpetual Submariner is best known for its high resistance to corrosion and water. The first series of the watch was presented to the public in 1954 at Basel watch fair.

The case reference number of very first watch was 6204. In 1954, the company produced small number of 6200 models. The series was the first one to use Mercedes hand set which later on became the feature of all submarines. The 6200 series also had an oversized winding crown as compared to previous models. After few years, Rolex produced 6536 with small crown and 6538 with oversized crown models. These models were produced with improved movements including chronometer version in few 6536 models, Submariner logo, Mercedes hands and the depth rating printed on its dial. In early 1960s, two other models 5508 with small crown and 5510 with large crown were manufactured and produced. The new models of Submariner 5512 with chronometer and 5513 with non-chronometer marked important change in the design of the Rolex. “Shoulders” were added by manufacturers’ to the crown side of the case to improve the protection of setting/winding mechanism. In previous models, the shoulders were present in pyramid shape and ended in points. But the later models of Submariner were made with rounded shoulders. Both 5512 and 5513 were fitted with an oversized crown which later on became the standard feature of this watch series.

In early 1960s’ Rolex switched to new and safe tritium infused paint. In 1965-1966, Rolex switched to white printing and discontinued the use of gilt/silver gilt dials on the watches. The most important change appeared with the introduction of the new model 1680 in late 1960s. This model was of the first one of the Submariner series which was equipped with date feature. This function completely transformed the diving watch into mass market high end fashion accessory. In next 40 years, water resistance feature of the Submariner was improved along with some new movements and also fewer cosmetic changes. In 2003, 50th anniversary of the Submariner was celebrated by Rolex and launched Rolex Submariner Date anniversary edition with green bezel and Maxi dial. However this edition was discontinued in 2010 with new random serial number. At 2008 Basel watch fair, new Submariner-Date model with “supercase” was presented. The first Date models of the watch were offered with yellow gold, blue face and bezel, while the new model has white gold, blue face and bezel. The stainless steel model with reference no. 116610 was presented at Basel show in 2010. An updated version with reference 114060 was introduced at 2012 Basel watch fair with new Maxi Case, Ceramic bezel, Chromalight, bracelet with Glidelock and blue Parachrom hairspring.



10 Dec


Have you seen my watch?

23 Jul

0113I seriously love wearing watches! It’s like they complete your outfit and give you this formal look which shows people that you’re not to be messed with. As a huge fan of watches, I love buying them. And for now, my most favorite watch is the  Panerai Luminor Chrono!

The series

There are seven different models in the Swiss Replica Panerai Luminor Chrono watch series. These include Panerai Luminor Chrono Daylight PAM 00356, Panerai Luminor Chrono Daylight 44mm PAM 00236, Panerai Luminor Chrono Daylight Titanium, and a few others. These watches are phenomenal! And sadly, they are only for men, how unfortunate. Anyways, all of these watches have a modern design and are highly technological. They have some functions for chronograph, which are skillfully integrated. These watches are simple yet elegant enough to spice up your outfit.

They are made up entirely of steel, stainless steel I might add, and are automatic. They have functions for telling the time very accurately. The time is displayed in hours, minutes and small seconds. The date functions and functions for chronograph are also present. These Panerai models are water resistant and often have Panerai personalized leather straps along with large sized brushed steel buckles. They are also supplied with a second interchangeable strap, a tool so that you can change the strap to what you desire, and a steel screwdriver to help you out.


Panerai Luminor Chrono Daylight 44mm PAM 00327 and Panerai Luminor Chrono Daylight 44mm PAM 00236 do not have leather straps. Instead, their strap is made completely from stainless steel.  The rest of the five models in this Panerai Chrono series have leather straps of different colors and styles. Some are black with white stitching, while some are blue or brown with white stitching, or just have a plain old look which doesn’t look that plain. And not to forget those alligator straps with the Panerai personalized steel adjustable buckles. The color of the dial for all the models varies, however the most common color is blue or black.

The Panerai Luminor Chrono Daylight Titanium is entirely made of titanium, including the strap. The case of the watch is also made from brushed titanium and is mounted by bezel. The edges of the watch are also polished with titanium and the numbers are engraved on the watch. The case of the watch mainly features straight strap attachments and the lever bridge.

Distinguishing features

All the models in this Panerai Chrono watch series have crystals studded on them, like sapphires can be found on the Panerai Luminor Chrono Daylight PAM 00326. One other distinguishing feature is the heavy metal covering over the crown of the watch for protection from damage. These watches also have tachymeter scales for conversion of travel time to speed and multiple chronograph dials.

These watches are pretty stunning and are a desire of every guy. These are luxury timepieces. But unfortunately, you have to save up a lot in order to buy them since they are pretty expensive

Luxury and Design of Replica Watches

29 May

0037The replica wrist watches testimonials tend to be getting well-liked because of the higher costs of the genuine and branded watches. Recently, shopping for replica watches tend to be common. In case you might be a watch enthusiast, you might should make guaranteed that you obtain a watch that appears wonderful and trendy. We all like high-class timepieces from the well-known brands like Rolex, Aero, Omega and Hublot. However , they’re not cheap. The majority of the people never contain the funds to obtain a $20,000 or even a $5,000 timepiece.

About 30% of the google search concerning wrist watches are about replicas. Buying a famous fake or counterfeit watch is simple, still buying a superior fake is oftentimes difficult. The imitation watch business has many goods, though all of these units are not good. Knowing about the look-alike watch you’re shopping for is an essential part of becoming a sharp buyer. It is important to get through the look-alike wrist watches testimonials and understand the style and function of the wrist watch you will get.

Positive aspects of choosing a look-alike watch

A reproduction watch may provide lots of benefits. A imitation timepiece is a lot less expensive than the genuine. Everybody wants to look good and rise to the top, however what if you must spend a huge amount of money to acquire the wanted glimpse and gratitude? Copy timepieces are the most useful probability to find the same appearance and style on a lower funds.

Depending on look-alike watches critiques, you could buy a copy watch at 70 to 80% lesser value as opposed to original one. Duplicate wrist watches usually are economical, extravagant and will establish your whole style transform in a little price. People would not manage to find this kind of amazing and luxurious wrist watch just for a few hundred dollars.

One of the best aspects of selecting a imitation watch is that you can find a way to purchase more than a single. You can buy watches of several styles and colors in accordance with your taste. You can aquire everyday, stylish, attractive, and a stylish look-alike watch on an affordable price range. On the other hand, using the genuine watch, you will know you’ll have to spend all your savings in order to get a single watch. There are a variety of look-alike watches opinions that can quickly go over the benefits of obtaining these watches.

Stay away from the possible ripoffs when pruchasing imitation watches

Make certain you get the replica watch from a honest and reliable watch retailer. There are far more possibilities of being scammed when selecting them online. Go through plenty of copy watches ratings to get the skills of shopping for replicas.

When buying on the internet, always send an e-mail before you make a sale and ask whether the watch you are purchasing seems identical to in the picture. Use a credit card that has 100% fraud security. If you are using payment methods similar to Western Union, bank wire or cash order, the possibilities of getting your money back are thin. So always pay the money after you have acquired the watch you are assured.

Things you must carry out to enhance your identity

3 May


I have always had seen living the many manner since I have usually continued in the career. Probably that is why I look at one point to be a person’s top friend and which is his class. I feel ladies and puppies get their value on a man’s lifestyle however when he’s walking in the friends it’s not them that’ll make stand out, his sophisticated personality will. Now the the most important thing you’ll wish to recognize is the best way to become classy. Basically personalities are the initial thing which enables you to sophisticated but since we don’t wish to modify that attire well might do well too. What’s your opinion is this : a thing which makes you look stylish? Certainly, it is the wrist watch.

The way Men and Wrist watches are linked

Guys possess this specific incredible relationship with wristwatches that cannot be altered and whenever the watch is a Rolex watch, you might also just call it love. Rolex wrist watches are already the common bearer of other wrist watches for more than a decade today and whatever a person need from a watch, you may find it simply in a Rolex. Thus, you can say Rolex timepieces possess that sensitive position in a man’s heart that nobody else can alter.

The best way to buy a fake rolex

Most people discover the reality Rolex watches are very high priced thus perhaps that is why they should look at purchasing Duplicate Rolex watches instead. Actually considering that I’ve put step in the duplicate wrist watch market I’ve always noticed Copy Rolex watches on the high of the priority collection. This may be simply because Duplicate Rolex wrist watches possess that image in community as they appear precisely the same as a Rolex. In addition, it can’t even be known by many people because they consider it as an genuine one. Thus acquiring a Copy Rolex could be the appropriate method to get.

Researching the capabilities

Past in the day these duplicate timepieces failed to have that much of a cost in the marketplace. This is because of the features that were often a part of the authentic but in no way a aspect of the copy. This approach made folks simply recognize between them and that made them devalued. Yet, right now all the Duplicate Rolex timepieces that you should consider for obtaining will possess all the features of the authentic watch as well. Oftentimes these types of characteristics are possibly better than the authentic.

Selection of styles

Today that you understand that you can quickly buy a Duplicate Rolex it’s time for you to opt for your own design. Pick something that would show your persona. This needs to be some thing incredible. If you are a young person select something similar to a sports watch with a rubber band. However, if you work for a large firm, acquire a Replica Rolex of a high quality chained layout.

Now that you learn there’s a method for you to appear classy what are you looking for? Decide on the ideal style and buy your Replica Rolex right now.

Are wristwatches becoming something limited to the wealthy?

9 Mar

hublotFor most of the people out there, owning a Rolex is solely for displaying their success. Living as a higher personality and not owning an expensive wrist-watch are two things that can never ever co-exist and if they do co-exist, it is a huge shame for the personality. There’s just something that sexy dial and a gold chain attached to it that speaks out the words “Successful”, “Well-established” and “Powerful”. However, an expensive watch like Rolex is something that any normal guy would dream to own.

Rolex is just one brand that seems to represent many expensive watches nowadays and most people aren’t aware of the million other brands that exist. A watch fan would know how many brands there are that can provide the best luxuries in an expensive price sometimes even more than Rolex.

Just as a popular symbol of status can be used to threaten, information that takes you past the man shaking your hand can work to your advantage. Undoubtedly, an expensive wrist watch carries brilliant choice in fashion sense, but can you really distinguish between two extremely classy Hublot and Audemars Piguet? Of course you can’t. It’s too hard. Trust me I too have swiss replica hublot and the designs are way too sexy. I would definitely recommend the swiss replica hublot to anyone.

The companies that are in competition in making the best wrist watches make an amazing watch every time they release one and that happens to compete with products from other companies. A great example is Jaeger LeCoultre, who examine the wristwatches they make to guarantee accuracy for a longer time, and design it the best way possible so that their product is the best in looks as well.

A watch by Breitling, oppositely, represents a more hard-working, creative mind. The close association of Breitling with aircrafts and the extravagant automotive company Bentley provide their watches a more technical and specialized look.Majority of the watch companies that make luxurious watches provide a wider variety for better functions.

So, what is the world going towards with the high class watches being in fashion and their expensive prices reaching the roof? Is this a way to tell the less privileged that they can’t even afford to see the time? Of course not.

Every aspect of society has something which is connected to them. Something which is a part of their lifestyle and cannot be replaced, well this is one of those things. Now I’m going to start stereotyping a lot of things that even you will consider to be a part of your lifestyle. Now suppose if the CEO of CNN came into the office wearing a hoodie like yours? Would that be acceptable? No, of course not. Similarly if you walk into a dance party with an expensive watch on, would that be cool? Nope.

We just have to accept the fact that wrist watches are now a part of the higher end of the society and it’s better if we stay where we are by using replica watches. They’re just as good!

Acquire the feel of the original

20 Feb

ed-ro-01Sometimes original is not the answer

There is no denying that the original of everything has its own importance which cannot be replaced. It is hard to replicate the quality and design which has been utilized in making an original piece, but occasionally we face a situation where it is not possible to get your hands on the original article. Swiss watches are an example of one such entity.

Swiss watches are considered to be one of a kind. They have emerged victorious in this trade and so far are not facing much competition. Various variants have been introduced under the banner of Swiss watches, each one being exquisite and magnificent. Once you set your eyes on these watches, you cannot wait to try them on. However, the financial aspect of things tends to stop you cold.

As magnificent as the Swiss watches are, they are also quite high in price, which is why it is not possible for just anyone to avail them. Only a few selected people have the means to acquire these watches. For the rest of the people, an alternative has to be developed that would ensure that they can get the feel of the original without having to break their bank. This is where replica watches step in. Replica watches of all types of Swiss watches are available in the market, which includes the latest Swiss replica Roger Dubuis.

Choosing the best place to buy replica watches is of utmost importance

You are presented with an opportunity to acquire a replica of Swiss watch that would be the exact same design as the original one. While the quality might be a bit low, all in all, this would prove to be a satisfying purchase. Such promises are made by nearly all the companies that offer a chance to purchase replica watches. Swiss replica Roger Dubuis watches are found to be rather high on the demand list. When the demands are so high, it is natural that numerous companies would jump in to extract benefit from this craze. This is where the tricky part comes in.

While numerous companies would offer you their own version of Swiss replica watches, only a selected few can be trusted in terms of quality. Most of the companies make high promises, but when the product is actually delivered, it all turns out to be one big disappointment as your Swiss replica watch would be of no match to the original. You would have wasted all your money.

It is in your hands to avoid such an incident. You can do so by ensuring that the place you select to get your Swiss replica watch is a reliable one. This is the age of internet where information can be availed with ease. Do not forget to go through the reviews of the various companies before making your final selection. This action would ensure that you do not get entangled into the webs of a fraudulent attempt.

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