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19 Apr
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photo credit flickr

Most of the celebrities are the fashion icon for the people and all want to adopt the style of those in their lifestyle. Being a celebrity means having thousands of fans from around the world that observed their heroes at every platform, doesn’t matter it’s a casual wear or a fashion week runway. Fashion trends are always universal themes that attract everyone. When we talk about wristwatch fashion trends, wristwatches are always ideal for men and women. Most of us love to wear different watches depending on occasions. Swisstime presents great collection of trendy watches, manufactured under the influence of celebrities’ watches. In fact, these are fine quality Replica Watches, available in all price range, feasible for everyone to get his/her favorite celebrity watches affordably. As celebrities like to set different fashion trends whether it’s the way they lace their shoes or the color of the car, especially the watches they wear. Many well known watch brands acquire the services of different celebrity from showbiz or sports to set a watch trend, also participate in various games with sponsorship to get fame among watch-lovers. Let’s take a look which watch brand is most likely by which celebrity.

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photo credit flickr

One of the most famous celebrity watch brands is Omega. Omega Speedmaster is better known as the first watch on the moon. Omega is also associated with James Bond movies. The famous Pierce Brosnan as Jams Bond starts wearing Omega Seamaster in their movies. The current Jams Bond Mr. Daniel Craig also used Omega Seamaster in their famous Casino Royale. If you are the fan of the character Jams Bond then consider the Omega watches even a Swiss Replica Omega watch can perform as a James Bond watch if you can’t afford an authentic Omega.

Rolex; one of the best watchmakers in the world of horology also has become favorite by several celebrities. Different celebrities famous have found wearing Rolex watches at different occasions. Daniel Craig, Ashley Tisdale, Sofia Vergara, Usher, Jennifer Aniston, Rob Dyrdek and Clint Eastwood like to wear Rolex watches in their daily life. Rolex also has association with different sports events. Due to fine quality watches Rolex watches are considered long lasting and sophisticated watches even you got a Swiss Replica Rolex on your wrist.

Another Swiss Watch Company, Tag Heuer, won the IF award for its fine Monaco Calibre 360 in 2007. Many of the celebrities are associated with this Swiss brand including the famous Tiger Woods, Brad Pitt, Maria Sharapova, Steve Mc Queen, Walter White and many more. Tag Heuer well known brand produced watches to meet all requirements that a watch lover required. For an affordable choice, go with Swiss Replica Tag Heuer Wristwatches.

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Similarly many of other watch brands got the help of athletes celebrities. Richard Mille introduced many timepieces in collaboration of famous tennis star Rafel Nadal. Richard Mille also designed a special watch for golf player Bubba Watson. Hublot launched its watches with NBA stars Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade.  These basketball players also participate to design the watches.

Almost all big brands keep on collaboration with famous celebrities who serve as brand ambassadors for the watch brand and also appear in ads and events wearing these watches. To get a celebrity watch, you can follow your favorite celebrity. If the price tag is an issue then removes this hurdle with the entry of Swiss Replica watches.


Audamers Piguet Rose Gold Case

19 Apr


Cloned Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Bukit Bintang Titanium

14 Apr

Cloned Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Bukit Bintang Titanium
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Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Bukit Bintang Titaniumap-20040-01 ap-20040-02 ap-20040-03 ap-20040-04 ap-20040-05

Case & Bracelet Solid 904L Stainless Steel,
Solid 18k gold on 2-tone models,
Heavy Wrap Solid 18k Gold & Titanium Nitride on gold models ,
Solid Titanium Grade 5,
ICOCERA High-tech Ceramic,
Real DLC coating,
Calf Leather on Leather Strap,
Real Caoutchouc on Rubber strap
Movement ULTRA DURABLE In House Swiss Made Clone
Swiss Made scratch-proof AR Sapphire
Dial Genuine SuperLuminova™ Luminous Markers
Water-Resistance Waterproof to 100m,
300m for Divers models,
Abyss Patented Deep-Sea Water Sealants,
Working Helium Release valve

What should You Know about Breitling Watches

7 Apr
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Breitling Watches are valuable luxury for those who love to wear masterly timepieces. People like Breitling timepiece because of its marvelous colors and excellent design combination. Now Swisstime proffers a great collection of Swiss Replica Breitling Watches. Under the supervision of experienced horologists, these are purely handmade watches; you can find the combination of fine quality and craftsmanship in these watches.

Breitling is a Swiss watch brand and watches are manufactured under the company Breitling SA. The company was founded in 1884, and headquarter is located in Switzerland. The real worth of the company is Swiss components and luxury timepieces. Since 2000, the company is offering certified Chronometers in all new models. Breitling modified ETA and Valjoux movements in its workshops. You can sum up the watch line by Breitling, in Aviation, Diving and Luxury watches.
In early, Breitling watches were used in the aviation industry, and mostly pilots preferred these watches. Later Breitling watches became the favorite jewelry of many celebrities. Breitling Navitimer proved a successful timepiece when became famous among pilots. The distinctive feature of this extraordinary watch was circular slide rule that was very useful to do search operation. After some time, the latest version of Navitimer was introduced by AOPA (Aircraft Owners Pilot Association). Once the world famous astronaut, Scott Carpenter visited Breitling Company to get the Navitimer watch and company provide him watch having a 24 hour basis dial which he used in his space mission.

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photo credit flickr

Innovation came to Breitling Watches with the course of time. In 1934, the company upgraded its pushpiece mechanism to give more accuracy to watches. This mechanism played a vital role for functional chronograph models and finally in1999, Swiss Watch Company Breitling received an award from Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute in the form of “No Objection Certificate”. This was the turning point for Breitling that enhance the production of different models.
In the past Breitling used signature of Montbrilliant on their watches. Later timepieces were printed with “Breitling”, and an AOPA logo was used in 1952. However the new watches contain a printed anchor with an alphabet letter “B” and large wings.
To improve the quality and efficiency of watches, Breitling introduced its new Superquartz movement in 2001. Additionally Breitling brand is well known for their oversized timepieces dials, polish cases and beautiful bracelets. Whatever your requirement regarding a wristwatch you can pick from Breitling, doesn’t matter its dress watch, a lifestyle watch or a tool watch.

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When come to the prices of these watches, Breitling is one of the expensive brands such as its Bentley Mulliner Tourbillon price is almost $175,000. So everyone can’t afford the luxury. To fill this gap you can consider Swiss Replica Breitling Watches. Everyone has its own thinking. For me, it’s totally right if you get Replica Watch when can’t afford the Authentic. People like style, many of the time I observed people wearing watch on wrist but at time at their cell phone. Similarly, there are many people who love replica watches as they don’t want to use their real Breitling watch on vacations, on a golf course. But if you afford an authentic Breitling Watch, must go with this. It would be a wonderful addition to your wardrobe.

Replica Rolex Datejust II SS White

2 Mar

116333-rdj17-01116333-rdj17-03116333-rdj17-04116333-rdj17-05116333-rdj17-06Replica Rolex Datejust II SS White


Case & Bracelet     Solid 904L stainless steel,
Heavy wrap real 18k Gold & Titanium nitride on 2-tone and Gold models,
Real DLC coating
Movement     ULTRA DURABLE in house Swiss made clone Rolex 3156
Crystal     SMOOTHSAP 2
Swiss made scratch-proof AR sapphire
Dial     Genuine SuperLuminova™ luminous markers
Water-Resistance     Waterproof 100m
300m for diver models
Abyss patented Deap-Sea Water Sealants
Working helium release valve

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Rolex GMT-Master Watch

25 Feb



Rolex Explorer II-Menswear

17 Feb



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